Local Laws and Ordinances

Incorporated Village of Shoreham

Obstructing Street Corners

Sec. 41.

No obstruction shutting off the view at corners of streets and roads in the Village of Shoreham shall be permitted which, being within ten feet of the side of the roads and twenty feet from the corner thereof, exceeds four feet in height. Unless adjoining owners maintain hedges and foliage accordingly, the Village authorities are authorized to remove all such obstructions as are on Village property adjacent to the roads.

Sec. 42.

No private roads leading into and through any private property in the Village shall be constructed so as to connect with or permit the passage of a vehicle into or upon the Village of Shoreham without permit granted by the Building Inspector of the Village of Shoreham. Every application for such permit shall be in writing and shall expressly state the purpose and extent of such road and the point of entrance upon said Village street. The permit shall be granted upon such terms and conditions as the Building Inspector shall, in his discretion, deem proper after due consideration of the safety and welfare of the community. Said road shall not connect nor at any time be connected with any other road leading outside the Village limits. All such connections with the Village streets shall be without injury to the latter and shall conform with the curbings generally along said streets. Any permit issued shall be subject to cancellation and termination for failure to observe the conditions hereof and/or the conditions stated in such permit.

Every violation hereof shall be deemed a misdemeanor and subject all parties participating therein to a penalty of not more than two hundred and fifty dollars and, in addition, the Village authorities shall have the right to prevent the construction and/or the use and removal of such connecting road by appropriate proceedings at law or inequity.

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