Local Laws and Ordinances

Incorporated Village of Shoreham

Disorderly Persons

Sec. 1.

All persons found intoxicated in the streets of Shoreham, or persons who shall by noisy, riotous, or tumultuous conduct, disturb the quiet and peace of the Village, or of any meeting or assembly therein; all persons who shall willfully give a false alarm of fire; all persons who shall publicly use any profane, vulgar or obscene language or conduct in any street or public place in said Village; all persons who shall willfully and maliciously break, mar, injure, remove or deface any building, fence, awning, sign, signboard, lamp post, lamp top or tree, shrubbery or other ornamental thing in said Village; all persons who shall remove from or pile up before any door or any sidewalk, or street, boxes, casks, or other things, for the purpose of annoyance or mischief, or who shall willfully tear down, destroy or mutilate any notice or handbill lawfully posted up in said Village; all persons who shall incite or induce dogs to fight in any of the streets or public places of said Village; all persons who at any time of any fire in said Village shall be guilty of any insubordination or any disorderly conduct, or who shall attempt to obstruct the operations of the fire department, or who shall willfully neglect or refuse to obey, or attempt to prevent or obstruct the execution of the orders of the Trustee or officers of the fire department, shall be deemed and are hereby declared to be disorderly persons, shall be subject to a penalty of not less than twenty-five nor more than two hundred fifty dollars for each and every offence, any Trustee or police constable is hereby authorized to arrest any vagrant or disorderly person with or without process.

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