Local Laws and Ordinances

Incorporated Village of Shoreham

Filth on Premises

Sec. 23.

The owner or occupant of any lot or building or part thereof, in said Village, shall when so ordered by the Mayor or Trustees, remove within the time specified, from his, her, or their premises, all filth, and bury or convey the same to some place where it will cease to be a nuisance, and the said owners or occupants shall not permit any drain to convey the discharge from any sink, or convey any filthy liquid, whatever into or upon any street in said Village, nor shall such drain discharge its contents in any lot or field in said Village, where it shall create a stench or become a nuisance; but such person or persons must build a properly constructed cesspool to receive the same, or dispose of it in some way as to avoid any stench or miasma from the same. Any person violating this section shall incur a penalty of not more than two hundred and fifty dollars.

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