Local Laws and Ordinances

Incorporated Village of Shoreham

Fire Chief

Sec. 31.

The Board of Trustees may each year appoint a Fire Chief for a term of one year, who shall organize a proper fire department, and appoint deputies. The Fire Chief, with his deputies shall have authority over and control of the Fire Department, and power at all fires to order and direct the placing of the engines, hose and other apparatus, and shall give such order to the firemen, as he shall deem necessary for the extinguishment of the fire, and preservation of other property. It shall be the duty of the deputies to obey the orders of the Chief, and to preserve order and discipline at all times; to see that the engine, hose, and apparatus at all times are in order and ready for use. In case of any damage to engine or hose, or any want of repair, he shall report the same immediately to the Trustees.

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