Local Laws and Ordinances

Incorporated Village of Shoreham

Prohibition of Trespass: Licensing of Hawkers and Peddlers

Sec. 44.

  1. Pursuant to Section 89.58-a of the Village Law, for the purpose of protection and preservation of the property of the inhabitants of the Village of Shoreham and protection and preservation of peace and good order, all persons (whether or not subject to the provisions of subsection (2) hereof and whether or not licensed pursuant to such provisions) are hereby prohibited from:

    1. entering upon any property within the Village of Shoreham for the purpose of hawking, peddling or soliciting orders (whether for immediate or future delivery) for merchandise of any description, if at the time of such entry there shall be located on such property, at or near any usual entrance thereto, and in such manner as to be reasonably visible to persons using such entrance, a sign stating in substance "No Solicitors" or "No Peddlers", or any combination of such words; and

    2. entering upon any property within the Village of Shoreham and removing, defacing or obscuring any such signs;

    3. causing any other person to do any act prohibited by this section.

    Each act so prohibited shall be a trespass.

  2. Pursuant to Section 91 of the Village Law, all persons (other than those excepted under Section 91 of the Village Law of the State of New York) are hereby prohibited from hawking or peddling merchandise of any description within the Village of Shoreham without first procuring a license therefor from said Village, to be duly issued in the manner provided by said Section 91 of the Village Law, for each class of merchandise so peddled and paying an annual license fee of Fifty Dollars ($50) for each such class, to wit:

    • Classes of Merchandise
    • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
    • Fresh Meats of all descriptions
    • Bread, cakes and pastries
    • Milk, butter, eggs and cheese
    • Fresh fish
    • All food products other than above, including frozen foods of every description
    • All non-food products

    Such licenses shall be issued on a calendar year basis for a full calendar year except that on or after August 1st in any year licenses for the balance of such calendar year shall be issued for the balance of such year on the basis of one-half of the respective amounts above stated.

    Every license issued hereunder shall be restricted to one of the classes of merchandise above described but a person may obtain two or more licenses so as to permit the peddling of more than one of such classes of merchandise.

    All merchandise intended for human consumption and offered for sale in said Village shall be wholesome and fit for such purpose and shall at all times be subject to inspection by the Health Officer and/or the police authorities of said Village. No person shall offer for sale in said Village any such merchandise which is unfit for such use, and any such merchandise found to be unfit for such use shall be subject to seizure and destruction.

    No hawker or peddler shall unduly obstruct any street or highway in the Village of Shoreham and shall not leave his wares or any vehicle or receptacle used to carry or display same at any point on or adjacent to any street or highway longer than may be reasonably necessary to offer for sale and make delivery to the person or persons upon or adjacent to whose premises he shall have stopped.

    At all times while peddling within the Village of Shoreham every licensed peddler shall exhibit his license.

    This ordinance shall not apply to the sale of newspapers.

    A license shall be refused to any applicant therefor who, at any time after this ordinance shall take effect and within one year prior to the filing of his application, shall have done any act prohibited by subsection (1) or subsection (2) hereof. Every license issued hereunder shall be conditioned upon compliance by the licensee with subsection (1) hereof, and in the event that any licensee hereunder shall do or cause to be done any act in terms prohibited by subsection (1) or subsection (2) hereof (irrespective of any determination as to the validity or invalidity or such prohibition) the license of such licensee may be suspended by the Mayor or Acting Mayor until the next meeting of the Board of Trustees, which may revoke or continue such license. Each such refusal, suspension or revocation shall be in addition to other penalties.

  3. For each and every violation of this ordinance there shall be a penalty of not more than two hundred and fifty dollars and every violation hereof shall constitute disorderly conduct and the person violating same shall be a disorderly person and subject to prosecution of such.

  4. If any provision or provisions of this Section shall be determined to be invalid, the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions thereof shall not be affected thereby.

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