P.O. Box 678
Shoreham, NY 11786-0678


The Shoreham Village Association was founded in 1983 with the purpose of improving and beautifying the appearance of the Village. 

The members of The Shoreham Village Association volunteer their time, energy and expertise for a wide variety of projects.  Over the years the TSVA has made numerous contributions to the Village.  Among our notable projects are; installation of playground equipment, roses planted along the fences by the tennis courts, and the rock retaining wall by Major Hopkins Park.   Most recently the group has overseen the safe placement of the Welcome to Shoreham sign at the corner of Circle Drive and Woodville Road and initiated a pilot organic lawn care program at the Village playground.  We have spearheaded the revival of The Village Welcome Committee.

Each spring and fall The Shoreham Village Association has general meetings to update members about on going projects and consider new proposals.  The group sponsors cleanups to keep the roadsides free of litter.  It is a great way to meet your neighbors while pitching in to help. 

All Village residents are invited to become members of the Association by contributing $25 per calendar year (dues and donations are tax deductible).  These funds are used for Village beautification projects.